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The Super Clog safety shoes are one of a kind. This is the best safety clog on the market, and it is an obvious choice for people who will not compromise on safety, quality and comfort in the daily work. The Super Clog safety shoe has an extremely good grip and a wide fit. At the same time it is a very light and durable clog. With the Control Point in the outsole you will minimize the risk for twisting injuries and it assures you an optimal support of your foot.

Instead of a steel midsole the model 101 has been provided with a Kevlar midsole, which is a very flexible fibre material with an exceptional strength and resistance to penetrating nails, etc. The result is a very light, safe and flexible sole. Furthermore, the clog has been provided with a sweat absorbing insole with an extra 4 mm thick shock absorption in the heel.

Sika has developed and created the safety clog Super Clog safety shoes with the intention of offering the market a unique product within safety clogs. In the development of the SUPER CLOG Sika has used the latest, tested materials and its expertise and know-how in order to present the best and the most advanced safety clog on the market. To be reliable, valuable and creative have been of fundamental importance throughout the whole developing process of the SIKA SUPER CLOG.

  • Super Clog Steel Toe – Sika Footwear Canada


In the development process Sika focuses on the key concepts of ergonomics, and with the SUPER CLOG Sika offers you the best solution on the market for safety clogs:

Plenty of space in width, length and height and with a perfect grip over the instep

Ergonomic insole supporting heel and arch

No high heels that incorrectly move the weight of the whole body from heel to forefoot

Optimum weight balance

Footwear with poor shock absorption often results in considerable inconvenience for the user. Therefore, the creation of the optimum shock absorption in the footwear has had a very high priority in the development of the SUPER CLOG. The SUPER CLOG safety shoe offers the best shock absorption and comfort on the market for safety clogs.

During a working day your feet emit a lot of moisture in the shape of sweat. If these streams of sweat are caught and transported away from your feet and the lining in the insole, your feet will remain fresh and dry. You minimize the risk for skin nuisance and smelly feet. SIKA puts a lot of effort into using materials which have a proved ability to lead the moisture away from your feet. In the SUPER CLOG the lining of the insole is perforated leather and the lining of the shoe is woven synthetic fibre. Both types of lining optimize the ability to lead the moisture away from your feet and to give you the most pleasant and optimum climate in the shoes.

High level of comfort


High level of durability

Premium quality

The Super Clog safety shoes give you the optimum fit – the wide and spacious forefoot and the firm grib over the instep miliate a thickening of the horny layer, which can turn into corns. The spaciousness also prevents against ingrowing nails. The fit has been developed after the structure of the foot and the body, so the heel of the SUPER CLOG is lower than the heel of a traditional clog. This means that the user is not carrying the weight of the whole body on the forefoot – instead the weight is distributed to the insole of the whole foot. Besides, this contributes to a better directional stability of the spine.

Control Point is a construction in the arch of the SUPER CLOG. The arch is supported by an extra hard TPU, which secures a very high stability in the sole.

Weight reduction compared to steel toe cap is approx. 100g per pair, Optimum balance Extra wide and extra high toe cap Certified to EN345 – (200 Joule).

Midsole and insole in one construction Optimum flexibility Kevlar does not conduct coldness from the surroundings and does not make the shoe cold to wear. Kevlar is known from bullet-proof waistcoats and is certified to EN345.

TPU is a very durable material which is also very resistant against heat stress. The pattern of the outsole and the TPU material create a better grib. The design of the soles has been developed from a vision of creating a pattern that makes the shoe qualified in all kinds of work – and also with the vision of creating a high-quality sole.

Ergonomic fit Supportive heel cup and flexible arch Leather-covering with sweat transporting qualities EVA base with 3mm POLIYOU (POLIYOU: 100% breathable, sweat transporting and antibacterial). Antistatic insole Durable and comfortable lining from heel to toe Woven synthetic fibre lining – developed to achieve the maximum sweat absorption The felt laminate contributes to an extra absorption of the sweat and leads it to the leather.

The Aluminium toe cap is protected by a strong TPU cap. The extra protection on the side of the shoe is covered with very durable asphalt leather. The heel cap is strong and very stable. The Super Clog safety clogs are provided with reflectors on the outer side of the shoe and on the heel.

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  • Super Clog Steel Toe – Sika Footwear Canada