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Experience the Power of Comfort

Best Sellers

  • SIKA Flex Clogs With Closed Back (8005)

  • SIKA Birchwood Comfort Clog With Closed Back (125)

  • SIKA Flex Clogs with Open Back (8105)

  • SIKA Birchwood Comfort Clog With Open Back (149)


Chef’s Clogs, Nurses Clogs and other Slip Resistant Shoes

Slip Resistant footwear for Canadian Nursing, Hospitality, Chefs and Recreational Activities

When it comes to safety, SIKA Canada footwear provides slip resistant, solid footing that gets you where you’re going safely. Our clogs are comfortable, durable and attractive. Available in White or Black, they provide long-lasting quality and comfort.

Quality Footwear for Medical, Industrial and Hospitality Industries

SIKA comfort clogs are designed for comfort, safety and durability

Great footwear for those on their feet daily!

For Nurses, Chefs, Doctors, Restaurant Staff, Haircare Professionals

Made to meet industry standards

Extremely comfortable and attractive

Available in black and white

Breathable, water repellent upper leather

Padded or birchwood insoles

Antistatic insoles

Antislip and chemical resistant soles

Top selling occupational shoe sold in Europe

Long lasting life span

Affordably priced

According to the American and Canadian Podiatric Association, foot problems can be prevented. Not only can wearing improper footwear lead to hundreds of foot ailments, they can also lead to knee, hip, neck and lower back pain.

Avoid future health problems now by providing your feet with the best comfort available.