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SIKA Nursing Shoes, Doctors Clogs, Slip Resistant Flex Clog

Sika Flex nursing clogs are the classical SIKA flexible clog, which is robust, stable and with a superb grip. The LBS soft insole made of real calf’s leather makes the shoe shock absorbing, antistatic, soft and comfortable.

  • SIKA Flex Clogs With Closed Back (8005)

  • SIKA Flex Clogs with Open Back (8105)

  • SIKA Steel Toe Flex Clog With Open Back (895)

  • SIKA Steel Toe Flex Clogs With Closed Back (885)


Flex clogs are robust and available in different variants – with and without safety.

Non-skid and shock absorbing outsole

The LBS insole is the result of a Texon insole padded with foam and covered with real calf’s leather, which makes the sole soft and extra comfortable

Flexible, stable and robust

Wide fit

Model 885 has a steel toe for safety which makes them perfect for the building industry.

Model 8105 and 8005 have a soft LBS insole and a wide fit which make them ultra comfortable for everyone. These models are particularly good for nursing shoes.