SIKA Flex Clogs with Open Back (8105)



Sika clogs truly are one of a kind and will offer you the ultimate in comfort.  These flexible open back Sika clogs are easy to slip on and off.  They are also bendable, and therefore allow you to walk, climb stairs and easily bend your foot.  These Sika clogs are ideal for those who are on their feet each and every day because they offer built in arch support for added comfort.
The insole is made of a soft calf’s leather.  Your foot molds to this insole over time making these Sika clogs even more comfortable.   Sika clogs will appeal to those employed in factories, the medical industry as well as the hospitality and service industries.  However, because of the slip on feature, Sika clogs are very popular for nurses, chefs, and those in service industries.    Because of the breathable leather, an ideal climate is created for your feet, therefore adding further to your comfort.

All Sika clogs have a special design on the bottom of the sole to squirt liquid away from the foot.  As soon as you step on liquid, the special track system will squirt liquid away from you.  As a result, this helps to minimize slipping on the floor.  You can easily wipe our clogs clean, making them ideal for both the hospitality and medical industries.  Slip your feet into a pair today and experience the power of comfort.

Flexible Closed Back Clog Includes:

  • open heel; easy to slip on and off
  • anti-slip, anti-shock soles
  • chemical resistant soles
  • water repellent upper leather – breathable leather
  • easily wiped clean
  • soft comfortable calf’s leather insole
  • easy to walk, climb stairs and bend the foot
  • built in arch support for added comfort
  • long lasting lifespan
  • ideal for hospitality, medical and service industries

Flexible Closed Back Clog Sizing

Please refer to the size chart to find your European size.  Still need help?  Please call 1-800-665-2124 for assistance.

Please Note:  Ordering white shoes is considered a Special Order.  We do not accept returns or exchanges on white shoes, and all sales are considered final.

Additional information

Weight 386 g

35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47



Available Colours

Black, White

European Sizes3536373839404142434445464748
US/CAD Women Sizes5 - 5 1/26 - 6 1/27 - 7 1/28 - 8 1/29 - 9 1/210 - 10 1/211 - 11 1/212 - 12 1/213 - 13 1/2
US/CAD Men Sizes6 - 6 1/27 - 7 1/28 - 8 1/29 - 9 1/210 - 10 1/211 - 11 1/212 - 12 1/213 - 13 1/214 - 14 1/215 - 15 1/2

Please note: All ‘Open Back Wood’ and ‘Steel Toe’ clogs fit one size larger. This means that if you normally where a size 7, you should order a size 8. Always order one size larger than your normal shoe size when ordering these models.

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