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SIKA Clogs, Frequently Asked Questions

Before purchasing your comfort clogs, careful planning is required to ensure you are choosing the correct size and model to suit your needs.

If you require assistance please contact us.

All SIKA Comfort Clogs are made with split leather and only the very best part of an ox hide is used for footwear production. Why is this important?

On an ox hide you find 5 levels of leather. The outside is named “box leather” and is used for the production of furniture. In the middle, you have 1 – 3 levels of split leather. SIKA uses split leather from level 1, just under the “box leather”, which is the best part of the hide for production of occupational footwear.

All footwear contains a 0.3mm Polyurethane coating that protects the upper leather from chemicals and repels water.

The upper leather is breathable even though the shoes have the 0.3mm coating, a difficult combination to find in footwear.

All SIKA Comfort Clogs are without nails between the upper and the sole. Why is this important?

Open nails develop corrosion that diminishes the lifetime of the product. Therefore, SIKA Comfort Clogs have a longer lifetime than average.

SIKA Comfort Clogs without nails guarantee better hygiene for those in the food industry. It is very difficult or near impossible to clean clogs around open nails.

All SIKA Footwear is made with Cambrelle Linting and an extra insole in the back and in the middle. Why is this important?

Cambrelle is a high sweat absorbing material that provides a perfect climate inside the footwear.

The extra insole in the back and in the middle aids in creating a perfect shock absorbing in the back of the shoes while offering fantastic arch support as it changes its shape according to the shape of your feet. These qualities are important components of SIKA’s goal to create occupational footwear with high comfort while being healthy at the same time.

All SIKA products have 100% Polyurethane soles. A special mixture of Polyurethane that has proven to be the best mixture in many tests is used. Why is this important?

SIKA is one of the few footwear producers that offer a 12 month guarantee on broken soles.

The Polyurethane mixture is lighter than other soles, resulting in high comfort for end users.

The profile lasts longer, providing the best possible safety concerning anti-skid / anti-slip.

The Polyurethane mixture isolates better against cold or heat better than other soles, again improving the comfort of the end user.

The Polyurethane mixture is resistant to chemicals, improving the lifetime of the footwear significantly.

All SIKA products offer a wide design. Why is this important?

When individuals are on their feet for several hours, it is important that there is enough room for all toes. Wearing footwear that does not offer enough room will likely result in damage to the feet, causing serious pain not only to the feet, but to the knees, back and neck as well.

Workers perform their best when the possibility has been created for them to do so. Healthy and comfortable footwear can reduce absenteeism, health care claims for foot orthotics, podiatrists, chiropodists and chiropractors while improving output.

SIKA Comfort Clogs are easy to slip on without shoelaces. Why is this important?

No shoelaces to trip over or get caught in machinery.

Better hygiene in not handling “dirty shoelaces”.

Easier to put on without bending over.