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Here is what our customers are saying about SIKA Clogs...

Flex Steel Toe Closed

Thank you thank you thank you....I'm thrilled. my third pair ....thank you

Jennifer Online Customer, Closed Flex Steel Toe Bisbee, AZ March 16, 2017

Comfort Closed

Have recently received all my orders and am very satisfied.  Thank you for all your follow up support re mail service delays.  I think highly of Sika clogs, as I have had over 10 years experience with them, and will continue to endorse them.

Irene Online Customer, Model 125 - Birchwood Closed Back Comfort Clog Squamish, BC March 16, 2017

Flex Closed

Thanks Shelley!  You guys are great!  I always recommend Sika to other cooks at work.  Have a great day!

Phillip Online Customer, Closed Back Flex Clog - Model 8005 Sault Ste Marie, ON March 16, 2017

I received my shoes today and I am very happy with them.

Mary Ann Online Customer, Open Back Steel Toe New Berlin, WI April 8, 2014

Flex Closed

Shannon and Shelley are an example of customer service beyond reproach.
Outstanding.  Thank you very much.

Nigel Online Customer, Model 8005 Closed Flex North York, ON September 25, 2013

steel toe clog

First off I just wanted to say that my super clogs are awesome and I work as a Chef in a kitchen and you saved my feet/back and sanity! I've been in the super clogs for 1.5+ yrs and the treads have not worn at all! Thanks again for the amazing shoes I influence many to purchase the super clog!

Patrick Chef, Online Customer, Closed Steel Toe Super Charleston, SC August 20, 2013

Flex Closed

Twice a year without fail...I recommend you guys to all the cooks in the hotel. Best shoes out there!

Chef Ken Online Customer, Model 8005, Model 125 and Model 149 Fort McMurray, AB December 3, 2012

Comfort Closed

I received the clogs a while ago and have worn them since then.  They are absolutely perfect...and I was raised on clogs so to speak.  My wife loves hers too.  Might order a steel toe pair this summer when I go back to fire operations.

Thanks again,

George Online Customer, Model 8005, Model 125 and Model 149 Fort Liard, NT November 23, 2012

Flex Closed

Dear Shannon ...happy feet are here great to get my shoes..I love them.. namaste Brenda

Brenda Online Customer, Model 8005 - Flex Closed Back Nanaimo, BC November 16, 2012

steel toe clog

This is my 3rd pair of the Superclogs so I know they will fit perfectly!  Average lifespan has been about 3 years (which easily crushes the competition).

David Online Customer, Model 101 - Superclog Winnipeg, MB October 31, 2012

Flex Closed

I just received your email and I'm looking forward to trying out your shoes as I work as a department manager for Walmart and on my feet a good part of 8 hours.I have a co-worker who just received her shoes and is very pleased with them.

Evelyn Online Customer, Model 8005 - Flex Closed Back Walmart Canada October 19, 2012

Flex Closed

I just wanted to say thank you for the phone call about my shoes being shipped.  My husband and I were pleasantly surprised that someone would take the time to make a call.  Something so simple as a phone call can make the difference in between okay service and great service.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Maureen Online Customer, Model 8005 - Flex Closed Back Fort MacMurray, AB July 16, 2012

Comfort Closed

Got them yesterday - you were right about the size - I really like them, thanks!

Laurie Online Customer, Model 125 - Closed Birchwood Clog Lunenburg, NS January 16, 2012

Comfort Steel Toe Closed

I Love the Shoes!  They fit perfectly!

Thank You and All the best!

Mary Frances Online Customer, Model 1129 - Steel Toe Closed Birchwood Clog Los Angeles, CA November 14, 2011

Comfort Closed

Your customer service is amazing and I look forward to getting the new pair.  I have completely worn out 2 pairs of Sika Footwear and they have been demoted to gardening and painting shoes.  I look forward to wearing out a 3rd pair.

Valerie Online Customer, Model 125 - Closed Birchwood Clog Campbell River, BC August 11, 2011